Smartly illustrated and told in a light, confident style as Weasel becomes a reformed character.

- Kate Kellaway, The Observer (on Evil Weasel)

This is a rollicking tongue in cheek moral tale in which text and artwork work seamlessly together. It will be much enjoyed by young readers.

- Books for Keeps (on Evil Weasel)

Hannah Shaw’s mischievous Erroll … tickled Oscar’s funny bones. It’s the story of Bob, who finds a squirrel in his packet of Nutti Nuts. For the next week Oscar kept expecting little critters to pop out of his cereal box.

- The Irish Times (on Erroll)

Hannah Shaw’s busy illustrations make excellent use of flattened perspectives that root the story domestically while also containing loads of visual jokes.

- Julia Eccleshare, The Guardian (on Erroll)

A very original take on the classic bedtime tradition of counting sheep. It is packed with lots of details and jokes for both children
and adults.

- The Bookseller (on The Sleep Sheep)

No prizes for guessing who thinks crocodiles are the best animals of all – but can his fellow creatures prove him wrong? Sean Taylor’s jaunty rhymes are a pleasure to read, while Hannah Shaw’s illustrations capture Crocodile’s manic one-upmanship. A superior cautionary tale for show-offs of three and older.

- Financial Times (on Crocodiles)

This is an incredibly energetic bedtime story that will have children in fits of laughter. The text is vibrant and a pleasure to read aloud and is well complimented by the colourful illustrations. There is so much to look at and children (and their parents) will spend a lot of time pouring over the double-spreads which hold so many hilarious little details…. There is a very happy, quirky vibe to this book and it has soon become a firm favourite at home.

- Armadillo Magazine (on The Sleep Sheep)

The brilliantly funny Shaw takes a novel look at manners and morals in her picture book tale of a young raccoon who doesn’t live up to his parents’ expectations. The pages are jam-packed with extra detail and witty jokes.

- The Bookseller “Ones to watch” (on School for Bandits)

Posted on Tue, 15 Feb 2011