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Poor Scribble was propelled backwards by the vile stink with such force that he fell into a pile of rotten seaweed festering in the corner. Not wishing to annoy Moby Doris any further, he quickly grabbed his (now rather slimy) notebook and drew a diagram which looked a bit like this:

He tore out the page and whilst trying not to get too close, nervously presented it to Doris. “What is this!?” she spat, squinting at what Scribble had drawn. Scribble held his breath.

“NEPTUNE’S BEASTLY BOTTOM! I don’t believe it!” Moby Doris yelled, screwing up Scribble’s diagram and lobbing it at Mr Catch’s head. “The milky-way has a lot to answer for! That blasted sun of ours did the very same thing, fell right out of the sky, the sea turned hotter than a microwaved pasty! It happened ever such a long time ago when I was a young, beautiful mer-girl…” Her face softened as a wistful smile replaced her angry scowl “Oh yes, I was very beautiful you know, all the sailors loved me, many a man would drown trying to woo me…”

“Ah hem” coughed Mr Catch turning prawn-pink once more. Doris fixed Mr Catch with a beady glare that could have wilted a sea cabbage “Don’t you start…” she growled. … Err… Ms Moby… Scribble interjected, writing frantically You said the sun fell out the sky and into the sea, how on earth did they manage to get it out? “THAT is a VERY good question” exclaimed Doris, scratching her barnacles. “Let me dredge my memory, as you can imagine it’s rather watery” She fell silent and in the minutes that followed Scribble could hear an erie creaking sound echoing around the town. It was like a rusty ship’s hulk slowly sinking but he knew it wasn’t a ship at all, it was the moon.

“AH HA! I’ve got it!” Doris leapt out of her chair, her shells, hooks and weights clattering. Throwing off her old blanket, she waddled over to a cupboard and pulled out a small dusty wooden chest. Then Scribble and Mr Catch watched in horror as Doris took out her teeth, reached inside her mouth and after some rooting around… produced a shining silver key.

Doris shoved the chest and key into Scribble’s arms and pushed him and Mr Catch outside.“You’ll find the answer in that chest! Now LEAVE me alone!” she muttered before slamming the door and leaving distinct waft of raw sewage and fish guts in her wake.


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Posted on Wed, 14 Sep 2011